N Blog (100818 18:06) – ‘IMAGINE 9.11’

Thanks (*ノωノ)

Today the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare had an interview about IMAGINE9.11 (*^ω^*)

I had the privilage of participating, and I had to study quite a bit for it (*^^)/

I heard them talking about the blood marrow bank
I think I know most of what they were talking about
I feel better now that I’ve registered as a donor.
How many are there, I wonder?

I really don’t know why I got to participate

I know many of the instructions, and I had to cling onto them (*ノωノ)
I see why something like this was considered to be done this way…  and I think this is great for the upcoming performance (*ノωノ)

An annoucement (*ノωノ)
“AKB48 Live at Yoyogi”
“Broadcasting time” 8/18 (Wednesday) 20:00-21:29 (89 minutes long)
“Channel” NHK-BS2

You’ll be able to see the concerts from the 7/10 and 7/11 Yoyogi shows (*ノωノ)

Please watch for it (*^ω^*)

Now I’ll eat (*ノωノ)
My stomach is hungry (´-ω-`)

Everyone, have a filling meal (*ノωノ)

Today, for breakfast
I’ll make something (*ノωノ)

I’ll make sunny-side-up fried eggs and a salad, and nattou (*ノωノ) It’s a standard morning food (☆>∀<)

What will happen tomorrow?
Tomorrow I’m going to Osaka (*ノωノ)
I’ll ride the bullet train to Waseda (*^ω^*)

The day after tomorrow, what will happen? (●・ωヽ)

Any requests??

@ N-san



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