N Blog (100819 23:24) – ‘Osaka’

Thanks (*ノωノ)

The Osaka concerts are over (*ノωノ)

It had been a year since I had been in Osaka…

There was a bit of a rush (*ノωノ)

No… It was enjoyable (*^ω^*)

Fans were swinging N penlights in their hands
It made me really happy o(^-^o)(o^-^)o

Thank you so, so much (*ノωノ)
I’ll be able to enjoy the rest of my time in Osaka…

I’ll be returning on the 551 bullet train with manjo, cake, and takoyaki (*ノωノ)

I’m returning with Yuka-chan (☆>∀<)  Also, I’m eating her cooking

Ah, the real thing.  I’ll seriously have to think about it (laughs)

I’ll slowly have to get to sleep (*ノωノ)

Ah (☆>∀<)

Tomorrow is

“Waratte ii Tomo no Telephone Shocking” (*^ω^*) it’s tomorrow with Team B ..(〃ノω’)σ

I’m happy ..(〃ノω’)σ

I’ll persist on (●・ωヽ)

For coming to Osaka, thank you

@ N-san



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