N Blog (100823 13:18) – ‘1 plus 2 equals N…’


Everyone, good day, myao.

Today, owner

Sato Natsuki-san has changed

1 plus 2 equals N-Neko (cat)

At least here at my blog, Myao.

Today my owner,

Went to a stage rehearsal (´;ω;`)
I’m taking care of the house myao.

I want to keep at it (*ノωノ)
Immediately (*ノωノ)

And recently, my owner has been using
new fabric softener (*^ω^*)

Do you know it?
It has a super-good scent myao.


At home, I wandered around, and I found such big dry plums myao.

I am the owner

The dried plums were lovely (´-ω-`)

Well everyone (*ノωノ)

It’s been a good day today myao.

By the way, I wrote the blog…

In secret from my owner.


Bye myao, (∪o∪)。。。

@ N-Neko-san


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