N Blog (100824 21:45) – ‘Theater Material’

Good evening (*ノωノ)

Today I was on the radio and finished practice (*ノωノ)

And today, I had sea grapes (*ノωノ)

I was worried about what was on the menu

I just arbitrarily went out (laughs) (lll>Å<)・゜・

Thank you to the waiter (*ノωノ)

Today at practice, I was there, but it finished early, and many of my costars were chatting about how slow time was going by (☆>∀<)

Things like this are fun (*ノωノ)

Today everyone talked uneventfully, and no one felt at all strange, I was awfully happy(*ノωノ)  Of Watanabe College School and TSM’s students, everyone had dreams every day to work for and had auditions for everyday lessons.  Go for it

I think everyone… is so amazing(*ノωノ)

Today we spoke of
Meeting Natsuki-chan, and I think I was obstinant. I sparkled like a glittering person, I said that’s what I have become

It was really moving (´;ω;`)
With things like that, I have some way to go
I watch AKB members and I’m surprised and question my thoughts (lll>Å<)・゜・As of now, I’m still inexperienced and I’m surprised I accidentally say these things (lll>Å<)・゜・(lll>Å<)・゜・

But today we spoke of many things and thought about how great the play is (*ノωノ)

Yesterday we had a run-through, and I felt I had a lot of energy to use for myself…
My hard work doesn’t mean I’m special, but watching everyone’s acting is amazing and overwhelming.  Before my turn, I think about it all going bad.

I left my portion of food, but I’m concerned about my acting and nervous, but anyhow I need to cast aside this and concentrate

Before my eyes, I’m seeing my world turning gloomy!  The theater’s “concentration” is important (*ノωノ)

Coming back, I missed ju-ta
Some time ago, it was said that my acting was good

I was really happy
I’ll work hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And now I’m participating in a play
With troubles, I got into AKB and I think I’ve become accustomed to being outside of it.
Blood donations at a bone marrow bank on the street have called, and many time I’ve gone to give it!!!

Singing, Dancing… I like them, but even more, being able to give.  I understand it (*ノωノ)
But I have to go (ノ><)ノ
Ah… At once

Come and see the show! (¨;)
I think the passion of a person is amazing (*^c^)/


Related to the performance, here’s the notice.
Theater’s top conditions, flower stands, lobby flowers, dressing room flowers are popular.
There’s the privilage of changing the flowers’ labels to “Congraulation” signs
The types are
Gold paper (30000 yen), silver paper (20000 yen), white paper (10000 yen).
Payments for flower labels go to the bone marrow bank as donations and rehabilitation activities for practical use.

*Inquiry process*

Please fill out the following items for entry applications
Payments should go to the designated account for transactions.

Mizuho Bank
Shinjuku Branch
General 2108242
Human – Lab – Aid

Applications received with full names (corporate names) for payments with names (full names) must agree.

◇ Full name (corporate name)
◇ Name to be given (corporate name)
◇ Address
◇ Telephone number
◇ Notice’s cast name to be given
◇ Presented amount of money

@ N-san


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