N Blog (100905 15:07) – ‘Arrival’

Leaving Tokyo (☆>∀<)

It takes just a blink of time

It’s been two to three years since I’ve been to Hokkaido (N´∀`)/`

Well, moreover

We’re lodging in the hotel lobby and my grandpa and  grandma

came (ノ><)ノ

I was moved…


We’re recording a program in Hokkaido, With Taiboku-san, we’re

nervous: Hokkaido is known for its food (*ノωノ)

Today, we’ve began recording to show guests…

I peeked in the room…

The lovable staff did me a favor, they must have studied (*ノωノ)

We saw a stage performance and it was our first time for work

During the middle of the recording, grandpa was fluttering around to


It’s super-cute (laughs)

Shiichan said it was so, so cute (N´∀`)/`

I have still some way to go, and I love to meet people

It’s totally Hokkaido (☆>∀<)

Arriving in Tokyo

For a handshake event

Wait for it (*ノωノ)

Shiichan is eating an Indian millet (laughs)

@ N-san



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