N Blog (1009906 16:24) – ‘YES!!’

The dress rehearsal is over!!!

Was really great

Rather… It was oversized (¨;)

I have to talk about practically dying due to a disease and various affairs

Think about it (*ノωノ)

This is such an experience for Natsuki.

Grandpa and grandma were two of the four people to live
My family has to live with that disease


It’s the kind of experience I left with, I understood it again… What mood do I bring?

Conversely, my small life… I have to consider it
I have to understand my real mood??
It’s amazingly difficult

But surely
Here, after the play has finished and I was moved earth-shatteringly

Yesterday there was a handshake event with many people

Those who went (*^ω^*)

See you later

You made me really, really happy!!!

It’s impossible to betray your expectations (*^ω^*) You show off your N-spirit ^^!!!!!!!

The stage, IMAGINE!!!

Really, I want many people to come and see

Everyone, please bring your friends!!!!!
Perhaps… it will change your way of thinking about life!!!!!!!!!

I want you to feel something…

The whole cast

Challenges you!!!!!!!!!

Well (*ノωノ)

Now I will face a public performance at the theater (N´∀`)/`

I’m going away now (☆>∀<)

@ N-san



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