N Blog (100912 21:25) – ‘Thanks to you’

We’ve safely reached the concluding festivities (*ノωノ)
Today god descended on us
Coming across the play by chance was really excellent
Ordinarily at the last moment
Kano-san would ad-lib comments (laughs)

Ah, it was surprising (laughs)

Everyone’s mind was on something
And was left to do

I’m really happy about this time
My general thoughts about living and things about my self were firmly opposite of my thoughts now (*ノωノ)

Thank you very much

Congratulations to everyone
I got letters as gifts
Thank you for these colored papers

Thanks to my feet for carrying me so far

All of my co-stars

Thank you so much for your smiling faces and love

The artist’s smiling face is lovely and lovable (☆>∀<)

It was good

@ N-san



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