N Blog (100916 12:30) -‘That’s right ( ´▽ ` ) ノ’




Right ‥~(・・?))

I got an iPhone ( ^ ^ )/□
I’ve always wanted it

Around Natsuki, everyone has an iPhone…

It has totally enjoyable applications (#^.^#)
It’s easy to touch
I can take a quiz (^_^)☆

And having an iPhone is all in one machine
I’m super worried about it… m(._.)m

In a little while, I’ll think about it

By the way, yesterday my theater costar

Kanou Riyuu-san

The artist


The director ISSUI-san came to see a Team B performance (^人^)

I was super nervous

I love Kanou-san and the artist and they watched with their own eyes…

The force of ISSUI’s eyes…

The lovely Yumi-chan’s eyes…

Nervous to the match (ーー;)
But I kept enjoying myself ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Yesterday’s outfit

☆T-shirt… Forever 21
☆ Jeans… Moussy
☆ Sandals… Moussy
☆ Gap… Moussy

And this morning I had a photoshoot d(^_^o)
In just a minute you’ll be able to see the photos

They’re cute.

Lovely lunch Time…

Have a nice lunch time…

@ N-san



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