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I said that I would audition for “Akihabara48.”

I was just motivated.

Thinking back now, I think I wanted to pass.

The motive of my ambition

“Friend Referral”

… And more.

I liked older songs… Among other things, I had nothing to write

My friend referred me.

And the photo, so cruel.

A shiny flash made my skin pure white.  My eyes and mouth were the only subjects of the photo.

I wondered how long they’d use it to be familiar with me.
I seriously grew accustomed to it.

But, first off, what was Akihabara48?

I started to investigate their intentions.

At that time, the generation including Acchan and Takamina already began.

For several days, I got a telephone call.



“This is Akihabara48”

“Ah, that’s good… (Perhaps I passed?)”

“The results have not came out yet, but an e-mails been sent… just a minute ago we saw it…..”

“Ah, if that’s the case, I’ll cancel it.”

“From the e-mail, we see you have a cute face, and we think it’s too good.  Now, can you give me the address to send the photo to?  The whole upload…”

“I understand.  I’ll send it immediately.  Good-bye.”

I said that and then watched TV.

In reality, honestly it was good.  Why did I need to send a photo?
I was disturbed that I had to send a photo.

After a week

I got a phone call from the same number.

“… Hello”

“Hello, It’s Akihabara48… Did you send the photo?”

“Ah… (Why did they call me especially) *cough* I caught a cold at home *cough*”

It was a forced lie.
Perhaps a friend would tell it was untrue.

But perhaps for my fate in the present, I could think about it in another, big way.

“Why won’t you take it?
Did you think about the chance?
What an amazing chance!  The members now really sparkle?  What’s your dream?  Can it grant your dream?”

“Ah… but… at my school we’re taking exams for college…”

“Inside the members is almost a university student.  Can’t everyone work hard together?  Now I think you’re able to.  Did you consider it?  What’s the chance?  I’ll wait for your photo.”

Sigh, sigh, sigh

… Dream.

… Chance.



Is it really a chance?

A real chance?

In the case that I pass… in the case that I’m in Akihabara48…

… Will my dream come true?

I wonder about the power it’ll take?

I wonder if I’ll get used to being srtong?

… Chance

At my feet…. what a chance….  Concerning that chance….

I hurriedly sent my photo.

How forcibly that light hit me.
Without make-up

My victory or defeat would hang on it.

So this was my chance.

I brought in an envelope from the post

Crossing over the words

… I passed…

Ah… I

Seriously am in…

I passed!  I understood my desire… but I passed… Something changed!!!

A long time felt like a short time and I wanted to know what was different?

I thought about result of the inspection of my application every day.

In this way, I changed

Thanks to that telephone call, I changed into a woman….

Being in AKB immediately seperated

The woman’s true colors…

As a matter of fact,

I remember the costume person (*^ω^*)

Except what did I think?

God led me into AKB!

I remember when I was embarrased to talk to the costume people

Natsuki thanks you amazingly.  Really.

I remember that summer telephone call and sending in the application.

This sort of thing happened again and I had important feelings.

Never the less, it’s a wonder I had that chance.

To bestow that on me

To go and see me

At that time it was different

I loved all the people with all of my power
I felt staggering force

And with my body I knew.

Yesterday, I

Went and saw it.

That shape of your eyes and how you moved me?

Of course I walked with a feeling of anxiety, but

I grasped it

And I thought I should sing for being given this chance.

It’s for either victory or defeat.

~ Nstory.6 ~




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