N Blog (100927 20:57) – ‘Dear Erena…’

Erena’s so small…

Erena’s such a crybaby…

Erena’s so tough…

Finally, she’s graduating.

“I’ll teach Nacchi English”

That’s what she said after announcing her graduation.

But things like that are cool, I think.

Erena is from my same generation
Erena’s very young
Erena’s at a rebellious age
Erena’s almost an adult

All along, I looked near her and

She was terribly alone, but

For this reason

Without being noticed, in this way she turned into an adult!
She’ll definitely go overseas

It’ll be amazingly fun
And she’ll study hard
Of course,
She’ll be seperated from her own home
And be lonely and nervous
That’s what I think I’m feeling

But in the grand scale of things, that’s what I think.


It’s harsh, but you’ll have to change your fun, Kirakira Power.

If you do, I’ll have peace of mind.

Totally go for your dreams!

Erena, really, congratulations on your graduation.

Erena, it’s been good knowing you.

From now on, thank you!!


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