N Blog (101103 09:40) – ‘It’s Matching!!’

Hara and I have matching straps (*ノωノ)

And so

I’m happy!!
It’s a wonderful coincidence

It says ‘H’ and ‘N,’

I think it’s for ‘handlename’ (laughs)

I’m studying more for Korean: I can’t do without it!!

I will persist!!

I aim high p(^^)q

Today there’s a handshake event (*ノωノ)
Yesterday there was a Watanabe Girls Event

“See you later”

Is what everyone said when leaving

“I hope I will”

Is what I thought (*ノωノ)

Today everyone has so much power

It’s raising my spirits

Everyone, I love you!!!!! o(><)o

I’ll see you soon (*ノωノ) I will dress up (laughs)

@ N-san



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