N Blog (101103 20:58) – ‘Handshake Event’

It’s over (*ノωノ)

I’m really happy that so many people came to me (N´∀`)/`

I was excited to talk about South Korea, Janken Pon, school, and friends (N´∀`)/`

Here I’ll answer some questions (N´∀`)/`

Q How do you lose weight?
It’s sensitive (*ノωノ)
I sometimes weight train and stretch, and also go in for massages (*ノωノ)
At age 20, I have to be careful about how much alcohol I drink (*ノωノ)

Q Do you have any plans to raise a pet?

Raising a dog *ノωノ)
Again, someday when I have a family I’ll think about it
Right now I live by myself, so it’d be irresponsible to try raising something (*ノωノ)

Q What was the first CD you bought?

It was SPEED’s album (*ノωノ)
The lyrics sheet is worn-out from singing with it so often (*ノωノ)

Q With your school uniform, did you wear knee-high socks?

I wonder if it would be like Natsuki to wear it without them (*ノωノ)
(Laughs) Would you like Natsuki to have scrunched them (laughs)
I hid them 。゜゜(´□`。)°゜。 (laughs)

Q What are you currently interested in?

Studying the Korean language
Brushing my teeth

Q What would you have been in Yasai Sisters?

Recently, I really would have wanted to be a bean (laughs).  I like soy beans, but not many other vegetables (laughs)

I would like to do a commercial for soy milk (laughs)

Q What song do you like by Arashi?

Monster (*ノωノ)
Monster’s choreography by Arashi-san is cool, in fact the Original Team K learned it (*ノωノ)
On the Monster PV, the song is good, but the choreography is moving (*ノωノ)

Q What things have you liked doing with Watanabe Entertainment?

This chat has become awfully long, but I think they do so much for me.  I was surprised!  I think about all they’ve done for me all of the time!  I think my family, friends, and fans are all happy I’m in the agency,  and they support my office!  I think they make me work hard (*ノωノ)! I love them!!!

Q How do you wake up early?

I’ve become innocent (*ノωノ)
Today, I don’t remember how I woke up, but I always forget something!

Q What do you think of women’s soccer?

I think it’s super good (☆>∀<)
I like it (☆>∀<)  I admire how cool it is (*ノωノ)

Q Do you like your comments??

Of course they make me happy (*ノωノ)
I read them all and I’d say they all make me happy (☆>∀<)

Q What CD is on at home?

Well, (☆>∀<) Recently the Backstreet Boys have been on (☆>∀<)

Q What hair products do you use??

Many (☆>∀<)
A Korean brand
Gelato Pick

That’s what I use (*ノωノ)

Q Are you interested in modeling???

Modeling would be excellent (*ノωノ)  I love western-style clothes, so modeling would be good (☆>∀<)
But it’s impossible to be thin enough to look so cute 。゜゜(´□`。)°゜。

Q Where would you like to travel?

To South Korea with Masuda (*ノωノ)
The whole time we planned (*ノωノ)
To buy cosmetics (*ノωノ)

Q What are your memories of Sasshi (*ノωノ)

When Sasshi was an RS, she was promoted before the rest of her generation and felt insecure about talking

I said, “Next year will be Sasshi’s year.” And then she was promoted!!  But really, I think she was just a kid when she was promoted (*ノωノ)

In school, she was my junior and went to the same high school as me.  “Were lessons hard?” is what she would always say (*ノωノ)

Q Where do you shop??

Shibuya Harazyuku Shinzyuku (*ノωノ)

But recently it’s been so sunny out (N´∀`)/`

Q What do you cook?

80% of vegetables (laughs)
Really, just vegetables (N´∀`)/`
Especially ceasar salad (*ノωノ)

After a long day that’s what I eat (*ノωノ)

It’s gotten late (´~`;)

I will answer them all (*ノωノ)
I have many more to write of Nstory (*ノωノ)

My fans are so likable

@ N-san



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