N Blog (101112 04:03) – ‘2nd Day’s Experiences and Notice’

Today is my second day in Singapore!!

The air is really thick, or should I say ‘humid,’ and it’s really damp!!

I ate breakfast, then had rehearsal, and went shopping

I just got back from a night safari!!  It made a huge impact on me ^^

Everyone, you should try it!! ^^

Singapore mainly has Chinese food !!
Today I had crab and yesterday I had shrimp!!

And a notice about Singapore ☆
Well, well…
On 11/21 I’ll be on a special about the Heisei Era’s Board of Education ☆

Now we solve the questions…
That were in fashion… ^^

Study for it!

Everyone, what questions would you like to be solved on air ^^

Tomorrow we finally have our Singapore Live!! I’m nervous!!

I’m really nervous ^^

After a lot of music… I really like these songs…

Go Singapore ^^

I want everyone in Singapore to know AKB!!

Well then, please have sweet dreams ^^

Good night ^^

By the way, I’m sharing a room with Aamin ^^

Fun… (laughs)

@ N-san



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