N Bl0g (101115 10:57) – ‘Good morning’

Good morning

Yesterday I eventually ate rice that I had made (*ノωノ)

Good morning, everyone

Recently I’ve had changing-hairstyle-syndrome (laughs)

With long hair

You can change it drastically by cutting it (laughs)

I want Akina’s hair… (laughs)

But I’m not brave enough (laughs)

For the time being, I’ve grown it long (*ノωノ)

For a girl, it’s her reality (゜▽゜)

I want to go to a beauty salon tomorrow, but no… (laughs)

It’s time for a performance, and I’m always worried!!!  Take it straight down or put it in pigtails: I’m always worried!!

Everyone, what hairstyle do you like on me???? (*ノωノ)

@ N-san



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