N Blog (101114 12:23) – ‘Suzuki Cameraman’

Mariyannu took a bunch of pictures of me in Singapore that I think I’ll publish

Going to the airport and then returning with the airplane (☆>∀<)

“For my first time going abroad, I’ll totally have an in-flight meal and need to be woken up!!!”

Mariyannu said.

Just as usual, before the in-flight meal, she went straight to sleep… As promised

“Mariyannu, the meal is here” I woke her (*ノωノ)

Her meal was tasty and a little warm

Natsuki loved her meal and enjoyed eating it (*ノωノ)

In those two days when rehearsals were over, there was free time and I’d go on dates with Amina, Mariyannu, and Aamin (*ノωノ)

We’d go to shops on bikes and talk to clerks in English!! We took a picture!!!! And it moved… Many photos were taken on my iPhone…

And in a department store cafe, everyone had waffles.  I had lovely seaweed salad (*ノωノ)

And after that, everyone had caramel tapioca and drank white tea (*ノωノ)

Mariyannu said in English

“Carmel… White tea… Tapioca Tapioca Tapioca!!!!!”

And the clerk said

“Oh.  OK OK!!!”

I really liked the tapioca and white tea (☆>∀<) Maryannu is… amazing (laughs)

All of the photos are from Mariyannu (*ノωノ) .  Thank you, Mariyannu (N´∀`)/`

Today there’s a handshake event


Don’t come at the wrong time

We’ll share vacation stories (*ノωノ)

@ N-san



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