N Blog (101117 2:37) – ‘One Day~’

Thank you(*ノωノ)

Today since I slept in a weird position, I got a massage…

I have muscle pain (laughs)

And I went and made a study group with a friend at a cafe
Moving and using my pen made me feel my back (laughs)

Yup, I did (laughs)

Everyone, it’s good to laugh (laughs)

But getting messages can repair you (*ノωノ)

I’m looking forward to tomorrow (*ノωノ)

I have a notification for all of you tomorrow (☆>∀<)

Today my clothes are my favorite t-shirt (*ノωノ) It’s super cute (☆>∀<)

On my feet are sneakers (*ノωノ)
My pants are by Dazzlin’ (*ノωノ)

I love Dazzlin’ (N´∀`)/`


It’s been a while, It’s been a while, It’s been a while
A Research Student has come back
Shiorin (N´∀`)/` She and Mariyannu quickly exchanged stories (*ノωノ)

After this, take care of her (☆>∀<)

Tomorrow, I’ll work hard (N´∀`)/`

Everyone, have good dreams

Nacchi will appear in your dreams

Please remember me (laughs)

@ N-san



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