N Blog (101117 18:56) – ‘Exhibit*’

Today, Mariyannu, Miicha, and Myao went to an exhibit with me (*ノωノ)

It was about the brand I like, Dazzlin’ (*ノωノ)
I made many orders

And then LagunaMoon and MERCURYDUO made me really happy (☆>∀<)!!! I got to see novelty drawings and was very happy (laughs)…

And Jouetie is a new brand and had plaid clothing (☆>∀<)
It was very much to Nacchi’s taste (*ノωノ)

MURAI was there 。゜゜(´□`。)°゜。

I really liked seeing their clothes and I was happy (*ノωノ)

I asked Mariyannu about it.  Thank you (N´∀`)/`

Before shopping, Natsuki had a recording (☆>∀<)

Tonight I think I’ll keep on working hard and go out for dinner (*ノωノ)

Soon I’ll reach home (N´∀`)/`

Well then, see you later

Nervous ←

@ N-san



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