N Blog (101118 16:54) – ‘Naka Oka Chi Macchi’

The title is especially meaningful to me←

Now the photoshoot has finished and I’m in middle of being transported (N´∀`)/`

I remember a tune

Today’s rare because I wore a side bun (*ノωノ)

Is it the first time I’ve worn this hairstyle??*

My make-up is by Tsugi-san 。゜゜(´□`。)°゜。

I love Tsugi-san’s make-up 。゜゜(´□`。)°゜。。゜゜(´□`。)°゜。。゜゜(´□`。)°゜。

Oh… (N´∀`)/`

My civilian clothes are

A dress by Titty
A cardigan by Dazzlin’ (N´∀`)/`

They’re comparable to ones from H&M and Forever 21 (*ノωノ)


I’m such a girl


Perhaps, perhaps, as a girl I should arrange to cook a meal (☆>∀<)

What do you think??

Which members (N´∀`)/`

Do you understand???*


@ N-san



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