N Blog (191128 13:15) – ‘There’s a reason for everything’

Today, there are many reasons to be on location (☆>∀<)
Like turning completely into a full angel

Being on location (*ノωノ)

Certainly it will air (N´∀`)/`

My stomach is hungry…

I haven’t eaten since morning!!


Times like feeling like you’re hungry

(☆>∀<) Are always there

By the way…

I began the best confession’s game…


Acchan (*ノωノ)

So cute!! (N´∀`)/`

Next who should I try? (*ノωノ)

I love AKB 1/48

Watch Natsuki’s confession scene (☆>∀<)


I’m embarrassed… (`・д・´)

@ N-san



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