N Blog (101203 10:19) – ‘Noisily’

Morning (*ノωノ)

Now, a different rehearsal is over

M Station’s preperations have begun (☆>∀<)

Today’s jersey

Is one I bought in South Korea (☆>∀<)  It’s spangled with glitter (*ノωノ)

I got it at the gate of the east market

My Korean friend said that

A shopkeeper’s grandmother said

“AKB should get them cheap”

That’s what she said (laughs)

4500 yen for it usually (that’s cheap at the time), turned into 3500 yen (☆>∀<)


Thank you, granny (●・ωヽ)

Today I will persist on (*ノωノ)

My stomach is hungry (●・ωヽ) What??

Everyone, what should I eat??

I’m living on gyoza ☆″ (laughs)

Gyoza?! (*ノωノ)

@ N-san



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