N Blog (101210 22:39) – ‘Troupe NY ☆’

By the way, recently at the Theater’s five-year anniversary,

Yuchan and I restarted (。-_-。)

After a long time (^^)

You know and understand, at my theater debut,

Yuchan and I took our initials to make
Troupe NY, and made a unit to do short skits whenever we could (=´∀`)人(´∀`=)

When MCs would suddenly start, we would be stylish (^O^☆♪

Yuchan would stay over whenever, even though we were a few years apart (^^)
A close friend? (^-^)/

Takada came and

The first generation Team K sang and danced Seishun Girls… I really miss that mood.

Everyone, I like it

It was a nice to do (*^^*)

That, I think, really is comparative to the good state of affairs now.

So, for my first time on stage, and the first sold out show for me, I’ve had a lot of experiences

At that point, I made myself forget the past and believe in myself (^O^☆♪

Thank you so much (*^^*)

Tomorrow, I’ll persist (^-^)/

@ N-san



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