N Blog (101216 23:37) – ‘Worker’

Now I’m in middle of a phase of really going for it (¥_¥)

I am a worker (laughs)

It’s (*ノωノ) fun!

On the list (*ノωノ)

Tomorrow I have a performance

I’m cheerfully happy (゜▽゜)

It’s fun (*ノωノ)

And today I ate

A salted cabbage salad…

Have you ever had salted kombu?

It’s good with tea and rice balls…

Who invented it?

It’s so delicious like this!!

Who would think of it!?

When I found it… It was on my mind…

What to do with it? …

By the way, I wonder if Shiichan made a request?


I worry about answering such a simple question! (@_@)

Shiichan… regrettably, it’s time (´Д`) (laughs)

It’s on my mind…

@ N-san



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