N Blog (101217 15:48) – ‘The Truth of 16nin Shimai no Uta’

16nin Shimai no Uta is a unique song and introduces all of the original Team K members

It’s full of nothing but Akimoto’s lyrics, but..

In my lyrics

The Yakiniku’s charcoal part in my section

Is definitely…

Taken from a Yakiniku shop’s clerk at the table by Akimoto

The gloomy charcoal just caught on…

Why did it happen…

The charcoal would go bad if it happened


What about burning it?

Seeing that, Akimoto said

“Natsuki is really gloomy in her roots”

I thought about that for a while…

It became part of the song (*ノωノ)

It’s non-fiction (゜▽゜)

@ N-san



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