N Blog (101227 11:17) – ‘Please read this for me’

Ah ( ̄▽ ̄)

I’m happy my PC works ♪
It worked coming back from my parent’s house

… I had to go see my older sister

We bought chicken and wine this year

I bought cake from the cake shop…

My older sister bought a piece of shortcake for herself…

No!  It can’t be!!

Absolutely the whole thing!


Cheap sweet sweets ←

Oh, expensive cake!! (laughs)

I’m worried

About having their jelly cake

At the convienence store I got sponge cake

At the cafe, they were all sold out of cake

… I had bought it

How many times is that the truth?
That cake shop employees will say it?

High-priced cakes are expensive while whole cakes are less ( ̄▽ ̄)

The shopkeeper says,

“Is it your birthday?”

That is… after Christmas…

Together with my sister, we said,

“You seem to be an absolutely lonely person”

And felt it (laughs)

It wasn’t a lie, but a bluff

“Yes or no, it’s your birthday…”

Or perhaps

“No… It’s Christmas…” It worried my sister…

In that silence

“Ah, it’s Christmas?

Then have the Merry Christmas plate!”

(T ^ T)

(T ^ T)

(T ^ T)

((((;゜Д゜))))))) Waahhhhh ♪・$〒^=×4☆\%

So kind!

Today there was a delay, but we still got it (T ^ T)


It was very expensive! (laughs)

We took it, though!

We got out our money!

It was delicious…

Slightly sweet…


Did you see the photo?

It was in the palms of our hands (laughs)

This shortcake

On this Merry Christmas plate

After waiting to buy it after the hardships, sweat, and tears of buying this crystal shortcake

The employee was nice!!

3000 yen!!!

It was cheap ((((;゜Д゜)))))))

On the 27th

Only in AKB

Will 20-year-old Natsuki Sato write this in her blog for joke material

@ N-san



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