N Blog (110109 23:49) – ‘Day Two of the Handshake Event’

The second handshake event is over (*ノωノ)

Everyone’s comments told me to keep my hair straight (゜▽゜)

Well… today the votes for straight were the strongest (*ノωノ)

Truly thank you, Efil (*ノωノ)

My clothes today don’t coordinate with my clothes yesterday at all (*ノωノ)

It’s a cute dress (*ノωノ)

After a long time, I wore knee-high boots (*ノωノ)

Now my throat is a little sore (lll>Å<)・゜・ I’ll use it with all of my power


Tomorrow I finally have my coming of age ceremony

Today I got many congratulatory wishes (*^ω^*)

Thank you (v^-゜)

Finally it’s my coming of age ceremony

I hope I have fun

Of course, the photos I upload tomorrow will be worth seeing (*ノωノ)

Well then, tomorrow morning…

I’m going to lie down


@ N-san



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