N Blog (110111 19:47) – ‘Today was…’

The recording for AKB Kyuu Gourmet Stadium (*ノωノ)

I was with
Umechan and Nattsumi (☆>∀<)

I’ll definitely keep at it (*ノωノ)

Please watch it when it’s on TV (*ノωノ)

I’m sleepy…

Today, by the way, I woke up at 5 (laughs)
And yesterday, by the way, I had make-up done at 7 (laughs)

I’ll go to sleep today!!

Tomorrow is the first of 2011…

Watanabe Girls Event!

The contents are godly!

Enjoy your sleep!

I’ll lie down, too (゜▽゜)

Take care getting to the Watanabe Girls event (☆>∀<)

See you tomorrow.  I’ll update my blog again (゜▽゜)

But first I’ll watch a DVD and have food


@ N-san



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