N Blog (110113 22:16) – ‘Bath Time… ☆’

My lessons are over for the day

I’m going to slowly get into the bath (*ノωノ)
In the bath I have this shower gel I got from a fan(*ノωノ)

L’occitane (☆>∀<)

I love it.
It wraps me in this happy rose smell (*ノωノ) Thank you

And now it’s PC time (*ノωノ)

I had to find my works cited for a report I did

I found it, but (laughs)

I’m answering these questions pretty late (*ノωノ)

What word do you forget a lot?

My summer teacher always said that it was

“You’ll surely be able to do it”


Q Where would you like to go and with who?

I want to go to Hawaii or Los Angeles with Masuda (*ノωノ)

Q What kind of soccer player do you like?

I like the goalkeeper (*ノωノ)

Q How many pairs of shoes do you have?

About 30 pairs?

Q Where do you go shopping?

I like Shibuya and Shinjuku (*ノωノ)

Q How do you keep having such great legs?

The big ingredient is having massages!  Among other things (*ノωノ)

Q Do you like ‘Rilakkuma’ or ‘Korirakkuma’?

Rilakkuma (*ノωノ)

Q Who do you support?

Moeno (*ノωノ)

Q What member is intelligent?

Nacchan (*ノωノ)
She’s a good thinker (*ノωノ)

Q How is making friends for Nacchi?

Events and fan letters are appealing to me (*ノωノ)
Natsuki tries to make friends with everyone (*ノωノ)
There are many ways to do so (゜▽゜)

Q What unit is Nacchi’s favorite?

Now it’s Arashi no Yoru ni wa (*ノωノ)

I like it a lot (*ノωノ)

Q What Chinese food do you like?

Chinese stir fry and grape chile (*ノωノ)

Q What days do you wake up early?

None (laughs) When I wake up I have no sense of what day it is (☆>∀<)

But on Sunday mornings I look at dresses (*ノωノ)

Q What time do you get sleepy?

2:00 PM!  (Laughs)

Q Do you enjoy getting comments?

I get very happy (゜▽゜) Reading comments are part of my daily routine (*ノωノ)
As always, thank you everyone (*ノωノ)

Q What hair perfume do you use?

Ma’Cherie and Sarah (*ノωノ)

Q Do you clean often?

Not very much (laughs)

That’s my answer (*ノωノ)

In the time that I have left (*ノωノ)

Sorry it’s gotten so late o(><)o

@ N-san



2 Responses

  1. “Q Do you like ‘relax’ or ‘korirakkuma’?

    Relaxing (*ノωノ)”

    I think this is referring to the San-X characters, so it should be “Rilakkuma” (Relax Bear) or “Korirakkuma” (Nacchi prefers Rilakkuma)

  2. ^OH! Thank you for that correction! I couldn’t figure out what she was talking about, but that explains why ‘Korirakuma’ sounds familiar – San-X!

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