N Blog (110114 19:01) – ‘Value’

It’s a little bit late, but I went to my parents’ house for them to congratulate me on becoming an adult ( *`ω´)


And on my way to today’s lessons…

I realized I forgot my phone.

Ding (T ^ T)

I’m anxious without my iPhone

Ah… Living (*^^*)
I’m used to taking pictures using the iPhone’s camera (laughs)

I must be patient till tomorrow ((((;゜Д゜))))))) (laughs)

For some reason, at the lessons, Maachan was seriously writing something!

How sweet ( *`ω´)

At my parents’ house, my mother shared a toast with me at the start!

Then we were full of silly chatter (*^^*)

Do you do that? (。-_-。)

Earlier I read a comment about not knowing where to send fan letters… ♪

Fan letters reach me through my office ( *`ω´)

The Theater is alright, too (*^^*)

Really, thank you always for the comments ((((;゜Д゜)))))))

Suddenly, I think
That Natsuki’s blog needs


To get comments? (。-_-。)

Everyone’s comments cheer me up and make me happy! (T ^ T)

Really, thank you very much (´・_・`)♪

Thanks thanks (^^)

Everyone, I’m proud!

@ N-san



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