N Blog (110116 16:19) – ‘Lesson ☆’

Today I have lessons (*ノωノ)

Of course…

For AX (゜▽゜)

AX’s results… are indescribable (゜▽゜)

My general understanding is…

That they are amazing results (*ノωノ)

These songs…

Are good songs…

That is my feeling (laughs)

Look forward to it! (^^)!

In our free time, everyone’s watching Izumi Kyouka DVDs (*ノωノ)

I wonder if the clothing here is flashy (laughs)

Haachan, Sayaka, Harugon, Amina, and Cindy are on stage (*ノωノ)

It’s good (☆>∀<)

Everyone’s making a commotion (*ノωノ)

Ah (゜▽゜)

Today, and then tonight

I’ll persist (*ノωノ)

Everyone, power up (ノ゜O゜)ノ

@ N-san



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