N Blog (110119 14:29) – ‘NEW Nails ☆’

About yesterday’s clothes:

Since everyone said that they suited me, I was happy (*^^*)

Red is cute
And flashy

Now I think I’ll view it differently ( *`ω´)

In fact, I got my nails done after just a week (。-_-。)

I was really tempted, and at last I’ve went (*^^*)

Previously, I got them done at Monica Nails at 109-2 ( *`ω´)

Now they’re pretty simple (*^^*) White and gold are winter colors (^^)

Which reminds me, Valentine’s Day is coming up!  Usually, N-san gets really crazy nails for Valentine’s Day, but maybe this time i should calm down? (laughs)

I haven’t decided, but ( *`ω´)
The ribbon on my left hand’s middle finger is my favorite (*^^*)

Aw (^^)
They’re refreshing
Everyone, go there! ( *`ω´)

Monica Nails ☆

Nevertheless, it’s cold (-。-;

I ate at home (。-_-。)

At noon ( *`ω´)

Eating with diligence!

It’s great! (laughs)

Please look after

And speak well

Of Nacchi

(^^) (Laughs)

Speak well, speak well (。-_-。)

@ N-san



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