N Blog (110122 21:39) – ‘AX Day 3 ☆’

Today was Day 3 of AX (*ノωノ)

Today I performed…

☆ Kimi to Nijou to Taiyou to

Yeah… One song!! (。。;)


It’s that kind of day!

This year, for my coming of age ceremony, the seven of us

Had an MC called “Hatachi Seven” (*ノωノ)


Yesterday I had some MCs, too


That was my request! (laughs)

Doing MCs!

Today I got dumplings
Because I love them (as an actor might say)
I got them free for 20 minutes…

They were as pretty as before (that’s what a comedian might say)

Ah!  Today
There was an announcement!  The 12th generation auditions are happening (*ノωノ)

Ah (゜▽゜)

At last, the 12th generation!

They’re coming (*ノωノ)

Tomorrow, at last

Is the last day of AX!  It’s gone in the blink of an eye!

I need to quit drinking energy drinks!!  My power is fake!

There are some songs that have yet to get in (lll>Å<)・゜・

Get in! (lll>Å<)・゜・

The requests (゜▽゜)

I wish for them (*ノωノ)

I will say it three times before sleeping (*ノωノ)

It’ll work!! (Laughs)


I want Dakishimeraretara in
I want Dakishimeraretara in
I want Dakishimeraretara in

( ̄▽ ̄;)

( ^^)Y☆Y(^^ ) Now, to sleep

@ N-san



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