N Blog (110124 14:05) – ‘Tabata ~ Tabata’

Some time ago

I was on the Yamate line near Tabata Station

Shiichan and Yokoyama-chan were talking

They knew

They were at the station at the time announced

“Tabata.  It’s Tabata”





The intonation is different!

It was continuously fuzzy

Today, at last, the train I rode’s route went through Tabata Station!

(゜▽゜) My heart’s beating

(゜▽゜) My heart’s beating

“Tabata.  It’s Tabata”

It’s different (ノ゜O゜)ノ

Thank you!!
For telling me that!

No… I’ve risen up! (゜▽゜)

How that intonation is so different!

It’s difficult to write about that intonation on my blog (laughs)

Now I can hear it on the radio!  At the time it was different…

Today I got on the Yamate Line ← It’s the latest fashion

And I noticed it was near Tabata!

Today is Tabata Day!

I’m not an avatar!


It’s a joke (laughs)

@ N-san



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