N Blog (110126 16:09) – ‘A notice without warning’

First of all, a notice (☆>∀<)

Today, 1/26!
Recochoku’s site
Will start delivering Sakura no Ki ni Narou (*ノωノ)

Recochoku will also include off-shots to download (*ノωノ)  Check it!

Yesterday night…
It was cold… and due to the coldness..

I was chilly…

Yup… It was a bad feeling…

Oh… a bad feeling… (。。;)

My stomach started hurting….

At first, I thought I had a fever…

38 degrees! (。。;)


From there, I passed the evening

… Mostly knowing about my bad feeling…

I went from cold to hot… (`д´)

But today my medicine is working, my fever’s down to where it should be, and I’m feeling better (*ノωノ)

I’ve taken on jelly-eating power!

I have to stay hydrated!

At once.  It’s urgent o(><)o

I’ll rest today!

And yesterday
I’m sorry I wasn’t able to update my blog (´~`;)

Sorry o(><)o

@ N-san



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