N Blog (110128 16:36) – ‘~N Story 9~’

~ N Story 9 ~


“Ah… Hello?”

“Hello, this is Togasaki from Akihabara48…”


“We have the results from judging your application.”

“Congratulations.  Your application has passed.  Next you’ll have a videophone audition.  The details are…”


My application passed…

Honestly, I was glad.  Akihabara48 was that kind of group.  I didn’t know any of the details yet, but I was just really glad that my application went through.

Next was the video phone audition (the second judging process) and the rest was just time.
I felt a little impatient.

The second generation audition…

When the first members joined, their audition results were on TV

“Akihabara48 ~ Video Phone Audition”

The commercial would always say.

That commercial used Sakura no Hanabiratachi, and everytime it was on in my house
I would be able to hear Sakura no Hanabiratachi

“Ah, it’s the audition that I got into”

Those were my feelings.

I would check the website everyday
How will it be done?
What’s the new system?

I would frantically stare at my computer screen everyday.

That is, I would go back every few hours

The next day after I sent in my application papers, I began to write in a journal

“Now” I forget my feelings.

I may have passed, but after this, I wanted to make sure not to fail.

At my desk, I would take out my notebook


I called my “Dream Notebook.”

In that Dream Notebook, I would journal about my feelings every day.

Year 2006

February Fifth
This morning I started school…
By the way, yesterday at the station, I sent out a bright red post envelope.
What were the contents?  An Akihabara48 audition photo.  Four of them.  In just a while, my self-confidence rose.  But also, I passed.
At the beginning of the telephone call, i wished they’d say something about sending them a photo.
But then I considered the system.  Idols you can meet everyday, is really something.  So fans would be happy with the new concept.  Everyone’s lessons are amazing.  That’s from the office person.  I’d never have such a chance again…. That’s right.  Having an audition and a photo of myself.  How do they say I meet them?  It’s easy, isn’t it!  I was surprised!  So, I decided!
Akihabara48’s members have the challenge of drama!  But it’s a long journey.  I’d have to accomplish it.  So, I decided, and passed with my application papers!!  I’ll work hard on the interview!
I succeeded.  I totally suceeded.

February Sixth
Ah, will the results come soon?
On the other hand, I’ve been looking forward to it and feeling nervous… Passing into AKB.  my face could be on a CD publicity truck in Shibuya ans all!
I could be in dramas!
I think of all of these positive thoughts instead of the scary idea of failure.  So,  after a little while, I got negative.
That’s how I thoght.

Februrary Seventh
Things like this are difficult to work hard on!
I will absolutely get into AKB!

February Eight
The chance of getting in has left my mind….  That’s success.
It’s been too much time since passing.
Soon everyone will be happy.
Soon, I’ll get my telephone call!

February Ninth
The announcement is soon…. Who passed.
I’m continuously waiting by the telephone.
Perhaps Friday or Saturday next week.
During club activities?
Also, it’s difficult to keep studying.  It’s no good for my grades to start slipping.
I have to be careful!  Normally I study at home!  In reality, it’s difficult to balance these things.

February Tenth
Today a kid in my class met the cute  members of Akihabara48!
It was successful!  I’ll work hard

February Eleventh
Today Chihiro came with the truth.
Also, I think I said that.  I’m really happy to have her support.  Is it good?  It’s safe.
Really, the results are on my mind.
It’s very important… passing is important…
I believe in it!! Natsuki will fight!

February Twelth
In my journal, I write every day that it’s coming soon.  Very soon.
I question that I’m betraying everyone’s hopes.  I’m worried.

February Thirteenth
My smiling face from my application passing.  It’s still here!
Sato Natsuki.  With all my power, I’ll persist ☆☆☆

February Fourteenth
Today I passed!  I’m happy!  But with all of my power I won’t lose focus!!
I must study for my test, it’s a lot more studying than others!  Next is the video phone audition!!  I’ll totally persist!  Thanks, god.

Even now sometimes I’ll go to my desk and look inside my Dream Notebook.

It was five years ago when I would pray to myself every day that I’d get into AKB.

In those days, i saw the real me.

Before those days, I think I lost to my real self.

I had a strong feeling.  I wanted to challenge myself.

But before long, I would look in my notebook
And I saw I couldn’t help the contents of what I had written.

It’s like another person was writing their own feelings in my journal.

I wondered.
Who was the old “Sato Natsuki”…

But I really cheered myself.

Looking through my notebook

My feelings about getting into AKB

N Story 9



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