N Blog (110129 19:02) – ‘Went to get a Tochigi’

Yup (*ノωノ)

Today I curled my hair (゜▽゜)

Ah, Thank you for your impressions on N Story (´~`;) Thanks (lll>Å<)・゜・

I called it the ninth instead of the eigth o(><)o I made a mistake (lll>Å<)・゜・

I’m sorry (lll>Å<)・゜・

My topic is changing…

It’s different

I got a Tochigi!


It’s abrupt!


I’ve always wanted one! (゜▽゜)

You know Tochigi?

My whole lifetime!!

I’ve wanted one (*ノωノ)

In the future
I definitely will live on Ibaraki and Tochigi

They’re remarkable! (^^)! (laughs)


Do you understand?


Please understand Sato Natsuki (laughs)

@ N-san



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