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N Blog (110301 12:00) – ‘The Fourth Comment Return’
February 28, 2011


Yesterday I blogged a few pictures

With my hair dyed!  YO!


Do you like it lighter?



Dark hair is really difficult!  YO!

Here are some pictures as proof (v_v)?  Black hair?

My eyes are sparkling!  Do you see the pictures I uploaded

Does it increase my tension?



I feel like I’m talking like a Korean artist (laughs)


The end

My clothes


Dress * Magic Secret
Cardigan * FOREVER 21
Boots * Dazzlin’

Cute (*ノωノ)
A cute one-piece (*ノωノ)

But it makes me look tall

The rest is to my benefit!  I’m short YO (¥_¥)

Ah (*ノωノ)

Well, on a whim, I’ve decided to do a comment return


Here! ←

You got in a fight with your boyfriend (lll>Å<)・゜・ Mailing and telephone calls are no good…

Can you meet? ← Decide

You can’t see facial expressions through mailing and calling…
Meet!  Apoligize honestly, but if you like each other, you’ll see it? (*ノωノ) Those are my thoughts

Thank you for always commenting

You have the same surname?  Yay (*ノωノ) We match (☆>∀<)
We’re matching Sugars (*ノωノ)
After this we are (*^ω^*)
Please support the black-haired N (´-ω-`)

Your boyfriend has an exam in two weeks… Calm down and say…
Hou Hou (´-ω-`)
Did meeting with your boyfriend help (*ノωノ)
But play is good, but you must study, even though it’s hard (lll>Å<)・゜・
If that’s the case, have a good time at a cafe and study together, go to a park and ask each other questions, but relax (*ノωノ) Now, concentrate on how your boyfriend is the best (☆>∀<)

Tomorrow is your graduation ceremony (☆>∀<)
Congratulations on graduating (*^ω^*)
Have a lovely graduation… (v_v)

Thank you for your first comment (*ノωノ)
4 months as a college student!  It’s fun (*ノωノ) Please comment again *ノωノ)

That’s all (*^c^)/

Yesterday at midnight, I got really chilly and shivered
As a matter of fact, now I have a fever

But I’m better

Today I have the day off
Resting on the first day of the month (´;ω;`)

Take care, everyone (´;ω;`)

@ N-san

N Blog (110228 22:01) – ‘Look! You should look!’
February 28, 2011

Hey (*ノωノ)

I had a performance today

Today, we all put glitter around our eyes (☆>∀<)

Our tension rose!  Yeah

Those are dazzling photographs (*^ω^*)


Did you notice?

My hair color

It’s totally dark (*ノωノ)

And so

Now it’s really long.

After a long time, I have black hair

Do you like it? (゜▽゜)

@ N-san

Mirai Yosouzu II – Sato Natsuki (未来予想図II – 佐藤夏希)
February 27, 2011

N Blog (110228 11:43) – ‘Captain Stays on Course’
February 27, 2011

When I woke up this morning I noticed my blog update didn’t sent on time (cries)

Everyone, I’m sorry (´;ω;`)

Yesterday was the Tokyo Marathon (*ノωノ)

I was at the recording studio for a television show

But I was able to see her clear the goal (*^ω^*)

I was super-moved

And Akimoto-sensei sent her a letter to let her regain her captain position!

That great effort of keeping at it was rewarded (*ノωノ) Really, congratulations

And more news,
Umeda, Sae, Yuka, and her will debut as DiVA (゜▽゜)

Yay (☆>∀<)
This is a vital point (*ノωノ)

Yesterday the drama was on (*ノωノ)…

Today I have a performance

I’ll work hard

@ N-san

N Blog (110226 18:59) – ‘More Comment Returns’
February 27, 2011

The hangul stickers
That I bought (☆>∀<)

Perhaps I got them from Loft (☆>∀<)

Today I checked before I put them on (☆>∀<)

Or rather, I immediately stuck them on my phone (laughs) I put them

on my mom’s phone!

Natsuki stuck them there (☆>∀<)

Well then, I freely wonder about my timing

A comment return


Here (゜▽゜)


I saw it (*ノωノ)
I see your daily comments (☆>∀<) Thank you so much!
After this, please remember me (*ノωノ)

Tomorrow I have a state exam (*ノωノ) for acupuncture and moxibustion!  I hope I succeed (*ノωノ)
I’d like to do well on this acupuncture and moxibustion (laughs)
Fight (*^ω^*)

Yubi☆Kita☆Oya fan-san
You must be able to read palms (*ノωノ)
How did you know?  I didn’t say what time I was born,  yet you knew what it looked like!
I’m stricken with surprise (¥_¥)

No hazelnut (laughs)
My neighbor’s father says that (laughs)
Macadamia nut (laughs)

Hello (*ノωノ) As always, thank you for your letters!  Your letters wiht the hangul stickers…
I’ve made such a mistake (laughs)  I bought coffee (*ノωノ)
I want to marry when I’m 28 years old (laughs)

Hello (*ノωノ) Next week is the graduation trip!
We walked in the amusement park, and when we would get tired, we took a break in our sneakers
It was a joke that we wore high-heeled boots (*ノωノ) It’s not very likely when jeans and sneakers are so easy to wear!  Let’s have fun (*^ω^*)

Yes (*ノωノ) that’s all for now.
What do you think?

Today I’m making pot-au-feu for dinner (*^ω^*)

Everyone, what are you eating?


By no means

Are you having pot-au-feu?! (laughs)

@ N-san

N Blog (110226 15:34) – ‘Buying Stickers’
February 27, 2011

Today after a long time

I bought

Stickers (`д´)


Moreover, they’re hangul (*^ω^*) I’ll stick them on my phone

Myao got them on accident (´-ω-`)


Yesterday before the performance I went to a secret place…


Heart beat

Heart beat

Can you guess? (*ノωノ)

It was amazing (`・д・´)!

“My dream for a year has come true”


Being part of an office!  (´゜▽゜`)  I’m so moved!

I was surprised from the beginning to the end

My mouth hung open (laughs)

It was fun (*^ω^*)

Can you tell what happens with AKB?

It’s always a surprise (*^c^)/


I bought black tea from the tea shop
And coffee from the coffee place
I bought hazelnut coffee (*ノωノ)

Hazelnut coffee is sweet! (゜▽゜)  I think it’s an important commodity to check for at a store (*ノωノ)

Now, lately I’ve gotten a lot of comments on my entries

I’m excited ((o(^-^)o))

@ N-san

N Blog (110226 10:13) – ‘Notice ☆〃’
February 27, 2011


Today at 10:30,
On Nippon Television

I’m on Media Magazine 29 (*ノωノ)

Please watch it

The program has
N & C ← Shiichan

Plain clothes check?  (Laughs)
We look over various television fashions (*ノωノ)

And this evening

Sakura kara no Tegami finally starts at last (*ノωノ)

Please watch both for me (*ノωノ)

Yup (*^ω^*)

Tell me what your thoughts are (☆>∀<)

Yay (*ノωノ)

@ N-san

N Blog (220225 23:15) – ‘Performance’
February 25, 2011


Today I have a performance (*^ω^*)

After a long time, Yukirin will be able to perform!  I love Team B shows (*ノωノ)

Or rather

The blossom’s (´-ω-`) pollen

Makes my eyes itch
And I sneeze…


Today I got a new Hello Kitty pot

It’s for cooking (`・д・´)


Soup pot-san (*ノωノ)

I put in tofu

For spots (☆>∀<)

It’s delicious

I’m a genius (laughs)

It’s good (*^ω^*)

Everyone, thanks for everything today

Something like that…
Recently every day I’ve had to walk in the dark.  It’s from being lazy (laughs)
Day after day, it’s really scary
But I can see myself perfectly clearly (^O^)
I think it’s safe!  Everyone, let’s all keep at it (*^ω^*)  So let’s go (゜▽゜)  Not just by meeting each other
But by also doing what we say (laughs)
These days I’m absent-minded!

Ah, I’ll say (laughs)
But I think it’s difficult to stand out by saying something (laughs)

Everyone, I like you!
I love you (*^ω^*)

@ N-san

N Blog (110224 21:23) – ‘Photoshoot~’
February 24, 2011

Ah (*ノωノ)

Today I have a recording

It’s a photoshoot!!

Yesterday I had a good time using Korean with Yuko

It was amusing (*^ω^*)

As one would expect of Oshima-san!  High tension

Now today

I’m buying various foods!

I keep cooking for myself!

For my muscle training (*^ω^*)

After a long time, I went to the gym!

Tomorrow I have a performance

Before that I have time to myself.

Ah, it’s a secret (*^ω^*)

A secret (´゜▽゜`)

For tomorrow, (*^ω^*)
I will keep at it today

To prepare (☆>∀<)

Everyone, thanks for today ☆〃

I’ll work hard tomorrow (*ノωノ)

@ N-san

N Blog (110224 10:40) – ‘Breakfast’
February 23, 2011

After a long time, a meal introduction (*ノωノ)


Today is

☆Sunny-side-up eggs



☆Ginger soup

☆Natto with rice

Yup (v_v)

Recently I’ve started loving ginger!
I have to pay attention to it since I’m sensitive to it (^_-)-☆

By the way
I cooked and ate both sides of my sunny-side-up eggs f^_^;

Is that unusual? (*^ω^*汗)

Today for breakfast
That was my feeling.

It’s simple ☆

Breakfast at my parents’ house is godly.

A single life is hard (´;ω;`)

What did you have for breakfast?

@ N-san