N Blog (110206 15:37) – ‘Dorya’

Yesterday, after a long time, I cooked (*ノωノ)

I got some super vegetables (*ノωノ)

In many colors


What’s the secret to make them!?

I’m in AKB-kyuu Gourmet Stadium!  So please watch it (*ノωノ)

Today, this evening

I think I’ll do some reading

I’ve stopped (lll>Å<)・゜・

Today I did a report (lll>Å<)・゜・ My hands are tired (laughs)

But this report

Is the last of my sophomore year in college!

BUT the problem is that

I’ll have them in the third year, too! (laughs)

As usual, I must study statistics (lll>Å<)・゜・ I like them.  They’re fairly easy ( ̄▽ ̄;)

The units come to me (laughs)

First of all, I must clean and do laundry (*ノωノ)

I love housework!

I love





Recently, I’ve started liking grated cheese

@ N-san



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