N Blog (110209 00:32) – ‘N Korean Course!’

Hey (*ノωノ)

It’s Natsuki (゜▽゜)

Today, after a long time,

I got copies done at the convenience store! (^^)!

Fun (゜▽゜)


All of the employees (*ノωノ)

Wanted to help me make copies

Call me to do it any time


Ah (*ノωノ)

I had to copy a recipe for Korean coffee (*ノωノ)

Yup (N´∀`)/`

It was cute

I’ll use it (゜▽゜)

Well then,

Do you like sweet, black coffee?

I definitely do!

Black coffee (N´∀`)/`

Ah (*ノωノ)

@ N-san



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