N Blog (110211 17:48) – ‘The answer is’


Thank you so much for the many answers (*ノωノ)

Ah (*ノωノ)

The answer is…

With many people guessing correctly…

Dakishimeraretara (*ノωノ)

I really like this one!

It’s Natsuki’s taste… (*ノωノ)

Up till now, it’s my favorite unit (*ノωノ)

A big shirt

A high waist, black shorts, hair ornaments and boots…

I love how it all matches me (*ノωノ)

Many people chose Pegasus as their favorite, too!  It’s Dakishimeraretara (゜▽゜)

I want to show everyone that as I think some people haven’t seen it yet (*ノωノ)


Or rather…

That costume.

Today I get to wear a bunch of amazing costumes (laughs)

What do you think it’s for??


No, sometime soon I’ll upload them onto my blog (*ノωノ)

I had a bit of fun today (゜▽゜)

Eat some sweet chocolate (゜▽゜)

@ N-san



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