N Blog (110215 20:04) – ‘Many Contents!’

Today we had a shoot for the drama!

When I went to sleep I set my alarm to wake me up

at 5:30…

Naturally (←That’s how I’m saying it (laughs)) I woke


at 5:15!

I had to switch the heating on
I used my futon to warm myself in my room

I canceled my set alarm at 5:29

And I went to eat breakfast!

Luck (゜▽゜)

Did I get my REM-sleep? (゜▽゜)

I was sleeping pretty deeply (*ノωノ)

Everyday it feels like I’m waking up when I lay down!


Ah!  That’s what’s actually happening!

And now it’s Valentine’s Day…

Wow (*ノωノ)

The image is cookies (☆>∀<) My friend made them



Now, today after a long time I’m getting a massage

“Natsuki, your left shoulder is so stiff!”

Is what they said

My shoulders

“Ow (゜▽゜) Ow (゜▽゜)”

I think they were roused.

I know I make fun of Kobayashi Kana (Laughs)

But… she’s similar to me

And she gave me instructions

They were

Different directions O(≧∇≦)o

“Having stiff shoulders means you’re excited for something”
I thought for a moment!

Bad luck ( ̄▽ ̄;)

My topic’s changed (←This happens often in N Buro)

Today I thought about my stomach!


“JIKKA!” Home!

I’ll return (*ノωノ)

I await my pal! ← My older sister, actually!

And with my sister!
I’ll soon vacation abroad!
Hawaii or Saipan or Guam!
Where should I go?

First I have to
Get presents for everyone! I need to order them! (^^)!
What do you want? (^人^)

I’m worried (*ノωノ)

Topic change (←Again (゜∀゜)!)

Well, in my Korea news


Am taking a Korean course!

It puts me in a good mood!

(My stomach is excited)

N will set a trend (*ノωノ) “want”

Yeah (lll>Å<)・゜・

@ N-san



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