N Blog (110222 21:38) – ‘Here, too*”‘

That’s right

I did

Have fried bean curd (゜▽゜)

Yesterday I was full of eating Korean food…

On the contrary!  I chose it again (*ノωノ)

Fried bean curd is popular!
Myao and Yuka had it too (`д´)

Time for a Myao and Yuka portrait competition! (゜▽゜)

Masuda-san portrait! (*ノωノ)

Today we could sleep during our break

Now we’re powered up!

We still have some way to go for our shooting to continue!


Everyone keeps on persisting forward!! (^^)!

Everyone remains with their power
Sending it outward!! (´Д`)

Tomorrow I will absolutely

Have white noodles ← I’m serious

Everyone, tomorrow have white noodles ← How?

@ N-san



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