N Blog (110223 17:00) – ‘Old Comments Returned’



(ρд-) zZZ



(ρд-) zZZ



(-_-メ) Work!


A bunch!! ←

That’s what I saw when I woke up ( ̄▽ ̄;)

It’s Sato Natsuki!

A good way to wake up! ←

I did something or other at noon
I made warm white noodles!

It was delicious!  I was satisfied!

Today I’m doing comment return

And now


Here (☆>∀<)

That?  Did I have a picture with Karei-san?  (Laughs)  No, white noodles are tasty!  Did Katsuhiro-san’s family have them? (゜▽゜)
Buy them (Laughs)
Thanks for the comments!  I’m happy (*ノωノ)

Good day (*ノωノ)
That picture with Yutan makes me laugh
No, I think Karei-san fits my tastes… right?  (Laughs) It’s unreasonable to think “Yes…” (Laughs) (゜▽゜)

Those portraits I uploaded on my blog (*ノωノ) Look forward to them (*^ω^*)

Today Natsuki heard her phone go off (laughs)
It was a mail about Mochino-san?? One of my followers? (゜▽゜)
(´;ω;`) It’s that emoticon!  Natsuki uses it (´;ω;`) (laughs) Eating rye bread (*ノωノ) It’s super-good! (゜▽゜)
Thank you for the comments (*ノωノ) Don’t stop

Good day (*ノωノ)
I’m feeling weaker (laughs)
Compared to my old physical strength, I’m dying!!
I think I’ll be lonely without Manami (>_<).  But seeing Manami made me feel better about it.  She’s really resolved to graduate at age 15 (*ノωノ)
Together, we’ll help each other (N´∀`)/`

Good day (N´∀`)/`
Did you hear about the album?
Certainly it’s coming!  I will meet Irodori-san (´;ω;`)
I look forward to meeting you (*ノωノ)

Ah… Today there’s only a few (pardon me)

Today for the drama ☆
We finish shooting!

I’ll keep at it! (´;ω;`)


I get to ride on the Tokyo line from one side to the other!

I get off at 13:30!

That’s an important time!

I’m off! (^_-)-☆

@ N-san



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