N Blog (220225 23:15) – ‘Performance’


Today I have a performance (*^ω^*)

After a long time, Yukirin will be able to perform!  I love Team B shows (*ノωノ)

Or rather

The blossom’s (´-ω-`) pollen

Makes my eyes itch
And I sneeze…


Today I got a new Hello Kitty pot

It’s for cooking (`・д・´)


Soup pot-san (*ノωノ)

I put in tofu

For spots (☆>∀<)

It’s delicious

I’m a genius (laughs)

It’s good (*^ω^*)

Everyone, thanks for everything today

Something like that…
Recently every day I’ve had to walk in the dark.  It’s from being lazy (laughs)
Day after day, it’s really scary
But I can see myself perfectly clearly (^O^)
I think it’s safe!  Everyone, let’s all keep at it (*^ω^*)  So let’s go (゜▽゜)  Not just by meeting each other
But by also doing what we say (laughs)
These days I’m absent-minded!

Ah, I’ll say (laughs)
But I think it’s difficult to stand out by saying something (laughs)

Everyone, I like you!
I love you (*^ω^*)

@ N-san



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