N Blog (110226 15:34) – ‘Buying Stickers’

Today after a long time

I bought

Stickers (`д´)


Moreover, they’re hangul (*^ω^*) I’ll stick them on my phone

Myao got them on accident (´-ω-`)


Yesterday before the performance I went to a secret place…


Heart beat

Heart beat

Can you guess? (*ノωノ)

It was amazing (`・д・´)!

“My dream for a year has come true”


Being part of an office!  (´゜▽゜`)  I’m so moved!

I was surprised from the beginning to the end

My mouth hung open (laughs)

It was fun (*^ω^*)

Can you tell what happens with AKB?

It’s always a surprise (*^c^)/


I bought black tea from the tea shop
And coffee from the coffee place
I bought hazelnut coffee (*ノωノ)

Hazelnut coffee is sweet! (゜▽゜)  I think it’s an important commodity to check for at a store (*ノωノ)

Now, lately I’ve gotten a lot of comments on my entries

I’m excited ((o(^-^)o))

@ N-san



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