N Blog (110226 18:59) – ‘More Comment Returns’

The hangul stickers
That I bought (☆>∀<)

Perhaps I got them from Loft (☆>∀<)

Today I checked before I put them on (☆>∀<)

Or rather, I immediately stuck them on my phone (laughs) I put them

on my mom’s phone!

Natsuki stuck them there (☆>∀<)

Well then, I freely wonder about my timing

A comment return


Here (゜▽゜)


I saw it (*ノωノ)
I see your daily comments (☆>∀<) Thank you so much!
After this, please remember me (*ノωノ)

Tomorrow I have a state exam (*ノωノ) for acupuncture and moxibustion!  I hope I succeed (*ノωノ)
I’d like to do well on this acupuncture and moxibustion (laughs)
Fight (*^ω^*)

Yubi☆Kita☆Oya fan-san
You must be able to read palms (*ノωノ)
How did you know?  I didn’t say what time I was born,  yet you knew what it looked like!
I’m stricken with surprise (¥_¥)

No hazelnut (laughs)
My neighbor’s father says that (laughs)
Macadamia nut (laughs)

Hello (*ノωノ) As always, thank you for your letters!  Your letters wiht the hangul stickers…
I’ve made such a mistake (laughs)  I bought coffee (*ノωノ)
I want to marry when I’m 28 years old (laughs)

Hello (*ノωノ) Next week is the graduation trip!
We walked in the amusement park, and when we would get tired, we took a break in our sneakers
It was a joke that we wore high-heeled boots (*ノωノ) It’s not very likely when jeans and sneakers are so easy to wear!  Let’s have fun (*^ω^*)

Yes (*ノωノ) that’s all for now.
What do you think?

Today I’m making pot-au-feu for dinner (*^ω^*)

Everyone, what are you eating?


By no means

Are you having pot-au-feu?! (laughs)

@ N-san



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