N Blog (110301 12:00) – ‘The Fourth Comment Return’


Yesterday I blogged a few pictures

With my hair dyed!  YO!


Do you like it lighter?



Dark hair is really difficult!  YO!

Here are some pictures as proof (v_v)?  Black hair?

My eyes are sparkling!  Do you see the pictures I uploaded

Does it increase my tension?



I feel like I’m talking like a Korean artist (laughs)


The end

My clothes


Dress * Magic Secret
Cardigan * FOREVER 21
Boots * Dazzlin’

Cute (*ノωノ)
A cute one-piece (*ノωノ)

But it makes me look tall

The rest is to my benefit!  I’m short YO (¥_¥)

Ah (*ノωノ)

Well, on a whim, I’ve decided to do a comment return


Here! ←

You got in a fight with your boyfriend (lll>Å<)・゜・ Mailing and telephone calls are no good…

Can you meet? ← Decide

You can’t see facial expressions through mailing and calling…
Meet!  Apoligize honestly, but if you like each other, you’ll see it? (*ノωノ) Those are my thoughts

Thank you for always commenting

You have the same surname?  Yay (*ノωノ) We match (☆>∀<)
We’re matching Sugars (*ノωノ)
After this we are (*^ω^*)
Please support the black-haired N (´-ω-`)

Your boyfriend has an exam in two weeks… Calm down and say…
Hou Hou (´-ω-`)
Did meeting with your boyfriend help (*ノωノ)
But play is good, but you must study, even though it’s hard (lll>Å<)・゜・
If that’s the case, have a good time at a cafe and study together, go to a park and ask each other questions, but relax (*ノωノ) Now, concentrate on how your boyfriend is the best (☆>∀<)

Tomorrow is your graduation ceremony (☆>∀<)
Congratulations on graduating (*^ω^*)
Have a lovely graduation… (v_v)

Thank you for your first comment (*ノωノ)
4 months as a college student!  It’s fun (*ノωノ) Please comment again *ノωノ)

That’s all (*^c^)/

Yesterday at midnight, I got really chilly and shivered
As a matter of fact, now I have a fever

But I’m better

Today I have the day off
Resting on the first day of the month (´;ω;`)

Take care, everyone (´;ω;`)

@ N-san



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