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N Blog (2011-03-30 16:03:44) – ‘N-san’s… ☆〃’
March 30, 2011

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(2011-03-30 16:03:44)


Mister (`・д・´)



It’s the first time I’ve used this one

Since I’ve began to live alone.

It’s Herbal Essences.


They’re all Herbal Essences.

After all is said and done, they just have a good smell.

They sell them inexpensively in foreign countries,
So when I’m there, I always buy some!

I shampoo.

And I use treatment…

For treatment, I smear it on.

I keep it in a little while.

And while that’s happening,

I lather up with my body scrub ☆〃
And comb my hair.

That’s how I

Shower (`・д・´)


In the end, I put in conditioner…

The point is

My shower technique’s

Order. (`・д・´)

Well then, that’s it.

And I immediately wash out the treatment.

I now have hair extensions,

So sometimes I have to definitely

Make sure they’re in place!!

It’s like a CM (`・д・´)

By Akina Minami-san ←

Now today I have a recording.

I’m excited to meet with them.

P.S. At noon, I saw “Hiru Obi” on. I got to see Morita Miiko-san on this TV show!

I talk quickly… So now I will talk



And politely!!

Usually I have to be careful!! I’ll study this way.

Lately I’ve seen some television and radio magazines… Which do you like? Which do you not like?

N Blog (2011-03-30 09:44:32) – ‘At 20 years-old, I bought stickers.’
March 30, 2011

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(2011-03-30 09:44:32)

Some time ago, I bought

Hangul stickers.

After a while, I bought more stickers. I liked the old ones, and recently I’ve been using the remainders.

But… they’ve fallen off.

Of course I’ve acted immediately.

My phone

(`・д・´) (`・д・´)


I heard that it was


Myao’s phone:

(`・д・´) (`・д・´)


Is what’s written! (゜▽゜)


(`・д・´) (`・д・´)

Do it!

N Blog (2011-03-29 19:11:24) – ‘Various Subjects ☆〃’
March 30, 2011

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(2011-03-29 19:11:24)

That’s right, I’m right there.

I’m in the upper left corner.

I’m holding the “T” pompoms. (´゜▽゜`)

If you live in Tokyo, please check it out.

I saw SMAP X SMAP yesterday.

Kimura Takuya said that he

Dropped eggs into a frying pan
So a little bit of the yolk would hit the fire.

And he used mayonnaise and even soy sauce on them.

He put them in a bowl together with natto.

This morning, I tried having natto with eggs together.

I put mayonnaise on the eggs and it was super good!!

On a personal note,

On the AKBAD corner with Kusanagi Tsuyoshi,

The “N-Nacchi” made me happy.

Did you notice it?


Recently, what shampoo are you using?

That was the question asked.

In my next post, I’ll reply.

I still have some more topics. (laughs)

Today I met with SDN’s Kohara Haruka-chan
By chance.
I told her that I had watched the Ai, Chuseyo PV many times.

After that, I had a quiet walk by myself and I had a fresh mood about me!!

I still have some way to go
And so I will keep polishing myself.
I have to believe in myself.

Many people
Know of Sato Natsuki and she will press on.(^^)

Fight, Natsuki! (´゜゜`)

N Blog (2011-03-29 10:07:48) – ‘Poster & Comment Return ☆〃’
March 28, 2011

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2011-03-29 10:07:48

Good day.

Tomorrow there’s a lot of pollen
Eh (´-ω-`)
Is everyone okay?

I’m changing the topic.
Near my house

Is this poster for Tokyo’s governor.
Can you tell where I am!?

By the way, when I took this picture,
I noticed my neighbor’s grandfather watching

“Where are you, little girl!?”

Is what he said.

“Where do you think!?”

I heard.

“Right there.”

He was happy to be correct when he went home.

Everyone, understand!?

And now
As promised, it’s time for a comment return! ☆


Start! (`・д・´)

The first rule of dieting is weight training!!
… Although you should restrict your eating first. (laughs)
Eating right is important, but for a quick rebound you should go to the gym and keep at it!


Keep at it! Together with
Natsuki, we won’t give up!
Choppy-san, don’t give up
Don’t give up!
You always have potential.

I spend a lot of time in the bath…
I think about one hour. I have to re-heat it while I’m in there, so
My bath is like it is at my parent’s home. (laughs)
Half the reason I go to their house is to bathe!!
I always bathe when I go there.

What’s your favorite gesture from the opposite sex? Hmm…
Ha. Eating!? I wonder. (laughs)
Does that make sense? (laughs)
Well, with chopsticks. (laughs)

(゜▽゜) New material! I can’t wait for it. For some reccommended stores, I’d say
China Cook
China Dish (Hanasaran)

Those are stores. (●・ωヽ)
I go to both often.
By the way, I gave my autograph at the register of China Dish… (laughs) When was that… (laughs)

Okadaachi with Shi-Shi Oshi-san

Do you like Korea’s
I do. (N´∀`)/`

What do you eat?
That’s what I mean. (laughs)

Matsumoto Rino-san
Thank you for your first comment.
Do you know Rino-san? After this, in your free time, look at N Buro.

The most delicous kimchi…
Lately I’ve honestly crashed and gotten kimichi…
The chef’s special is kimchi or I’ve gotten it from the market.

Yuki from W friend Oshi-san
Thank you for your comment!! Isn’t that so? Today I had a great dream.
I don’t remember it…
It’s no good. (laughs)
Now once I get up, they go away right away. (laughs)

Everyone’s comments encourage me. That’s why I’m healthy.
I saw from your blog that you’re healthy.
Thank you for your comments.

Azumi-san, it’s like that.
I got bathing powder from an Azumi-san. The fragrance is relaxing.
Yeah. And always, thank you for the letters. After this,
Keep supporting me with your comments.

I’m still at the very beginning of learning Korean and can read and write Hangul
I am starting to learn the structure of Hangul.
Then I can start to remember how to pronounce the beautiful language.
I still have a ways to go, so I’m trying hard.

That’s it with the comment return for now.

The pollen is high. (´;ω;`)
Today I will keep at it!!

N Blog (2011-03-28 21:30:33) – ‘The Theater… ☆〃’
March 28, 2011

Original Entry
(2011-03-28 21:30:33)

Today is the 29th.

The theater is finally re-opening.

I’m back with
Team B, who

Has a performance on the 31st as our first day back!!

We can start up back at the theater.

Come and see our power…


The theater will help spread our power all across Japan.

Team B will join forces to persist onward!!

When we worked the charity event at Yokohama Arena,

Myao said,

“Team B’s performances will keep going!!”

And that stayed in my heart.

Now is the time that everyone’s hearts should combine!!

I practiced the songs from the show using my iPod.

For us, the theater

Exists as another home for us.

Reflecting on it, I will challenge myself in the theater shows!

What is the AKB48 Theater’s existence to you?

N Blog (2011-03-28 11:03:20) – ‘N Bath ☆〃’
March 28, 2011

Original Entry
(2011-03-28 11:03:20)

Everyone, good morning! 〃

Today I was really happy. It was like a dream.


Who can remember their dreams…

That’s often the case… Dreams are difficult. (´;ω;`)ぅー

Today and yesterday I introduced parts of a bath. Yay.


I selected bathing powder, like I often do…

A little sweet.

Bathing powder…?!
What’s that…

It floats in your bath. 〃

That’s what I decided.


I through it in.


The sakura bloom. (*^ω^*)

Aren’t they pretty?

That was a good choice. (´゜▽゜`)

I’ll keep at it today. 〃

Well, then, that’s what I’ll do. *〃


A comment return.

Soon I’ll do one.

N Blog (2011-03-27 18:52:40) – ‘Welcome to the N Salon 2 ♪〃’
March 27, 2011

Original Entry
(2011-03-27 18:52:40)

Ding ding!


To N Salon.

AKB members have power!!
AKB members’ faces are powerful

And have energy!

Today, various members

Have come to N Salon.

Ding ding…

Here’s one…

Oh 〃
Kana (´゜▽゜`)

Kana-chan’s bob hair

Oh (`・д・´) Oh (`・д・´)
It’s gotten cute!!
Come again 〃

Who’s the next person?

Hmm… How many times have I smelled that scent…

What is that scent?

Mayonaise szuce…



Such pure * black hair ♪〃〃〃
Oh (`・д・´) Oh (`・д・´)

It’s gotten prettier.
Thank you so much.

Come again!

Ding ding ♪

Welcome (`д´)

It’s Myao-shi! (´゜▽゜`)

Recently I’ve been calling her Myao-shi.

“Shi” is Korean

For “-san” (*^ω^*)

So Myao-san is Myao-shi. (*^ω^*)


Oh (`・д・´) Oh (`・д・´)

Her hair is so smooth (☆>∀<)
Please come again!

Ah, It’s closing time…
Will there be any more guests?

Ding ding ♪


N – “Welcome!”

? – “Nothing from your salon is good.”

N – “Yes… Well then… a different salon…”

? – “Wait a minute!! !! !! !!”

“Do you have lipstick? Your salon… it is really missing something”


What a tsundere…!!

The Tsundere is


It’s unbearable,
This face she makes 〃

Oh (`・д・´) Oh (`・д・´)

Such a pretty guest.

Love-tan – “Never again am I coming to this place!! !! !! !! !! !!”

“Ah…. Come again 〃”


↑※ I made that all up.

Thank you to the many members

Who came to my salon.

Of course, the members are


The N Salon was a huge hit.


Everyone, please

Come again!


I’m completely booked! (laughs)

N Blog (2011-03-27 11:04:19) – ‘Yokohama Arena *〃’
March 27, 2011

Original Entry
(2011-03-27 11:04:19)

Today, all the members are at

Yokohama Arena for charity.

Many people came.

We’re really happy.

Thank you very much.

After this

With all our power, we’ll go for it!!

A bit ago, I took a picture of Yuka


At last, I was able to take a picture with her (´∀`)/`
By the way, the t-shirt

Was designed by Takamina.

N Yuka duo 〃

How is it? ..(〃ノω’)σ

N Blog (2011-03-26 14:49:32) – ‘The Second Brown-Out Recipe *〃’
March 26, 2011

Original Entry
(2011-03-26 23:05:02)

Brown-Out Recipe Number Two!

The ingredients are

◇ Konnyaku noodles

◇ Chinese cabbage

◇ Welsh onion

◇ Tofu

◇ Hack-berry

◆ Soy sauce

◆ Sugar

◆ Sweet sake

◆ Sake

◆ Water

The process… (´-ω-`)

Cooking time

Start! (v_v)

First, to begin
Boil the ◆ seasonings and flavor in a sauce pot.


Cut the ◇ Ingredients.

Divide them into three or four pieces and cook them together. (●・ωヽ)

This time, just like last time, bundle them in newspaper before cooking.

Again, now you can use a hand towel to wrap them. *〃
My fans’ comments taught me this method. ☆
Also you can put them in a Styrofoam box
If you have one at home! (´;ω;`)

Wait 30 minutes

The “Fake Sukiyaki”

Is complete.

Done…? The meat… ??


Yesterday Erika and I had Samugyopasuru.

I took it out today. (´-ω-`)
I’m on a diet!! (`・д・´)

The newspaper works. (*^ω^*)

Please try this!

Thank you for doing this, despite its unusualness. (´;ω;`)

N Blog (2011-03-26 23:05:02) – ‘N-san’s Scent’
March 26, 2011

Original Entry
(2011-03-26 14:49:32)

Recently, I got these

They’re my two top favorites (*^ω^*)

Cream from Victoria’s Secret

Perfume by Dior

According to my older sister…

They’re the best scents. (*^ω^*)

I always have their scents…


I’ll do it.

Tomorrow I’ll persist on!

Today my allergies are bad…
My eye’s are bright red and my nose is running… It has been a while since I felt this bad.
I’ve been taking medicine and doing eye drops to get better. (´;ω;`)

This year, the pollen is difficult… (>_<)