N Blog (110303 00:36) – ‘The Greatness of Kobayashi Kana’


Thanks for the warm comments

I’m now healed (゜▽゜)

It’s just my throat (lll>Å<)・゜・

My throat was cured because Tsumura-san gave me a

number of medicines.  How many?

That’s what I wanted…

I caught a cold when I had bad skin and had medicine

I like medicine

It cured my acne (*ノωノ)

Usually I don’t need it! (laughs)

Also, it’s medicine, so… (sweats)

Today my body is in fine shape to eat!

My mom personally bought me some yummy yogurt…

Honey and apple yogurt!

The honey flavor is really good (゜▽゜)

That purchase.

Well, I’m near my bed!

I’m dead-tired, but I’m holding on.  I’m in my bathrobe
And my mother made my pillowcase.  It’s cute (*^ω^*)

And recently I’ve used

The one that’s PLAZA brand

That’s from In Private (*ノωノ)

It’s cute!

I’m setting a trend (*^ω^*)

And yet, only they carry it (laughs)

Everyone, check it out (*^ω^*)

Everyone, please stay healthy and work hard

I was really moved by what Kana wrote on her blog… or rather, I respected it deeply.
DIVA is debuting as four people, and I’m really happy for them, so support them!  That’s what I think (*^ω^*)
Yuka really goes for it every day!

Now, Yuka and Kana are in the same office, and now that Maachan is graduating

And now Kana is the only one that wasn’t included in DIVA…

Surely it’s safe to say that the recent affairs of late are amazing?
It’s safe
That’s what should be said
Do I think myself that it’s a big deal?  I noticed that my own effort isn’t enough.

But after seeing Kana’s blog entry

I think it was

If that’s the case, Natsuki has been way too meek…

But support me
And I’ll persist!


It’s cool (:_;)

But, being me, I must do it too

I reget my previous self after seeing Kana’s thoughts.

Seeing e-mails from the blog (laughs)

I think I’ve been honest!
I’ve seen it in my various blog entries

I think it’s been difficult for me to write so honestly.

But seeing Kana’s blog

And my fans telling me to go after my dreams every day…

Things like comparing my former self to the current AKB and having tickets for the chance to meet the members actually decrease?

I’m very happy!
But I’m also very lonely, I think.


The fans would direct the members to do the theater’s spring cleaning

It was a relaxing tour!

Moreover, I’d stay for it (*ノωノ)

The members would make rice balls for the fans to eat at the theater

… (*ノωノ)

Yeah… Every day I must be diligent!  Every day I’ll make progress!  I’m in AKB, so
I’m in a lucky environment now
I say I absolutely return to my former days

Now I’m in middle of the environment with my fans helping me, but I live!

That’s what I say.

“I’ll do what my fans say”
That’s it.

Isn’t it an amazing phrase?
Am I doing it?

I’m out of it (゜▽゜)

Except for performances and handshake events

Everyone knows as much
About Natsuki as they want

With my blog of course, too (*^ω^*)

I’m really moved


Should be done

Frankly, after this, please watch over Sato Natsuki (゜▽゜)

The influence of Kana’s blog entry was that I
Thought about it for a long time and wrote this long entry o(^-^)o

Are you tired? (laughs)

Sweet dreams (*ノωノ)

Tomorrow I’ll be persistent

@ N-san



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