N Blog (110303 19:12) – ‘Matsu Eku ☆’


Today I kept going to matsu eku (*^c^)/

I always go to the beauty parlor efil and got it from their menu (*ノωノ)

Yay… ☆

The ends are natural (*^ω^*)

The make-up only took ten minutes (`д´)

Really pleasant!

A girl’s friend ☆

Moreover, recently

Natsuki’s blog has shown that I’ve gone to that beauty parlor


Matsu Eku gives me a discount if they see a mention on my blog after checking.

On the way there, it’s a bit of a walk

But it’s very rich, I think! (`・д・´)

The way there is lovely!

The lense in my camera makes it see the scenery better! ←

Everyone, it’s a pun!

I rode my bicycle there (laughs)

Didn’t I go practically the whole way there on my bike?

I’ll stop talking

kwsk! (laughs)

@ N-san



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