N Blog (110306 18:24) – ‘Talk about Yesterday and Today’

Today we had a handshake event at Saitama Super


I’m participating in the event!

It was my first time in the Super Arena

I was surprised by how big it is (`・д・´)

What I talked about yesterday…

In the end

I talked to someone YO!

Ah (´-ω-`)

That way, I think I noticed the way!


I noticed it!  (laughs)

I could see so many people’s auras! (`д´) (laughs)

By the way

I saw someone

And talked to them!! (laughs)



Is what is said

That’s what I thought

Ah (´;ω;`)

I think

“I dropped my muffler”



It’s complete


Is what I said

Here’s my talk!


Sato Natsuki

Seeing someone’s aura!


No… I’ll go for it!


After a long time, Nacchinon got to do work (*ノωノ)

Seeing it for myself is nice to laugh.  (Laughs)


for the first time I got an e-mail from a friend from high school

“Natsuki-chan, I saw your comedy skit on YouTube (^O^)”

Is what the e-mail said.

I replied with something about meeting… (laughs)

Or maybe

“I’ll see you (^O^)”



What kind of emotion does that mean, I wonder…

(^O^)← This one

It’s a crime!


Isn’t it cute?

I dislike cuteness!


@ N-san



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